【Discovery Series 10】What You Need To Form A Study Group

Written by Jeffrey


What You Need To Form A Study Group

1. Think Outside The Comfort Zone

  • Your friends will talk to you anyway; get together a group of people you don’t know so that you get new angles of perspective.

2. Keep It Small

  • 3 is alright but 4 is ideal as you can pair off. 6 is the minimum.
  • Anymore, you have too many opinions and not enough time for everyone to have meaningful question time.

3. Outline a plan of action

  • You’re got your study guide, so plan your meeting accordingly.
  • Decide how long each meeting will be, how much you’ll cover and who will be responsible for what.
  • Tip: Pick up a regular time and don’t make exceptions. It’s too difficult to accommodate the needs of half of a dozen people.

4. Pick a good place

  • Quiet, not interrupted by music or friends.

5. Take turns to be a teacher

  • Explaining a topic to someone else is the best way to find out what you know and what you don’t.
  • Take turns to present topics. When it’s your turn, share your notes.

6. Plan for exam revisions

  • Once you’re used to each other, you’ll find it helpful to revise for exams too.
  • So plan one session to predict what will come up in the exams and one/two more sessions to revise the trickiest concepts.

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