【Discovery Series 4】RIASEC – Deciding Your Career Pathway

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Getting to know RIASEC – Deciding Your Career Pathway

Most students will ask themselves these questions after their secondary school graduation or for some, before that.

“What should I study after this?”

“Which program is suitable for me?”

Given that there are so many courses and higher education institutions to choose from, students and even parents experienced the dilemma on what to select. When it comes to deciding on your future career path, it is important to find a balance between your interests and your strengths. What if you are unclear about your interest and strengths too? One way to find out in the academic context is to really break them down according to your results. For example, which subjects do you normally enjoy and also score well?

While it is a good guideline to start from, it is also ideal to have a better insight through personality test as your personality is an overview of your long- term habits and character. When it comes to career guidance counselling, RIASEC theory which is developed by John Holland is a strategic test to help you discover your personality and most suited environment to work at.

The RIASEC theory is derived from 6 different components: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social,  Enterprising and Conventional.  Let us discover and explore the components together!


Individuals who fall under this category are known to love practical activities and loves to be hand on. They normally love working with plants, animals and tools. They enjoy the process of completing a task through various steps and are known to be calm and patient in nature.


Individuals who are investigative are curious and always seek for intellectual challenges. They love solving mysteries, puzzles and enjoy great ideas. They always prefer thinking to physical activities. They are extremely observant, and like to come out with logical reasonings. Facts and figures are what they always seek for, and most of them are known to be good at Mathematics.


You cannot separate creativity from artistic individuals. This group of individuals are expressive in terms of words, music and colours. They are normally very “free spirited” and do not like to be confined to a set of rules and prefer to work independently.


Social individuals are generally everybody’s favourite company to be with. They love meeting and interacting with people. Their friendliness makes them easy to be approached and they love to show care and attention to others. They are also known to be good teachers and good listeners.


Commonly known as the “CEOs”, individuals with dominant enterprising traits are normally natural born leaders. They have what we call an “aura” whenever they speak in front of public and are known to have good persuasion skills. They are adventurous and willing to take risks in their ventures to increase their chances of gaining profit. They are also very action and result- oriented, normally focusing on what they can achieve eventually instead of the process.


Finally we have this group that is normally those who are quietly working behind the scenes. These individuals are extremely careful with data and detailed oriented in their everyday life. They like things to be clear, they seek accuracy in everything they do and they normally go straight to the point without beating around the bush. They also love stability in their working environment and a regular working pattern.

RIASEC evaluation

In order to known your dominant traits based on the RIASEC model, you will be given a set of questions where you will choose to agree or disagree on. Each component will be tested and your final score for each component will be calculated. After that, your top 2 or top 3 alphabets will be matched according to the suitable career paths based on your results. You can explore various career pathways in different industries such as the science, engineering and information technology industry, education, humanities and social sciences industry, arts, design and mass communication, agricultural, medical and life sciences industry as well as the business management, finance and tourism industry.

In conclusion, RIASEC is an amazing and simple tool to not only help you to understand yourself better, but also to help you make a better decision regarding your career pathway. For more information on RIASEC, you can visit JS Study Solutions to have a free test and free consultation on knowing the suitable career path for you. You can also visit our centre’s official website and social media pages to gain the latest insights on further education.

Wrote by Joycelyn Ong

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