【The Turning Point Series 2021】Medicine & Dentistry AND Engineering

Written by Jeffrey


Turning Point Series | Medicine & Dentistry AND Engineering
YouTube Videos:
Turning Point Series | Medicine & Dentistry (14 April 2021)https://youtu.be/YAO1FTIyAfE
Turning Point Series | Engineering (15 April 2021)https://youtu.be/AXWhbInmuX0
Hey high school students / graduates! The speaker will give you an overview of what is the future career of the topic, and what you will be learning in the program. There will also be a student / profession to share about their experience in this field. Join in our sessions, to learn about different topic, we will introduce you two professions every week!
Join at zoom link below:
🗓️ 14th April 2021 (Wednesday)
⏲️ 2pm-3pm
💡 Medicine & Dentistry
📚 Manipal University College Malaysia
🗓️ 15th April 2021 (Thursday)
⏲️ 2pm-3pm
💡 Engineering
📚 Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus
Pre-register before the program, and we will remind you before the session. Follow us at our FB at http://fb.com/jsstudysolutions, for more exciting further study topics every week. Cheers. 🙂

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