SPM Ramalan 2020 Classes!

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SPM Ramalan 2020 Classes!
Final Sprint on SPM Preparation! SPM 考试最后冲刺!
3 hours / subject. Weekends on 30 Jan 2021 – 7 Feb 2021.
More details & Sign up at https://studyhub.my/spmramalan2020/.
Limited seats only. 位子有限, 尽早报名!
As low as RM18.75 / subject. Do not miss it!
What to expect from SPM Ramalan 2020 Classes?
✪ Analyses past trends and topics covered (or not covered) in past-year exams and recent trial exams that serve as clues to what may come out.
✪ Help you clearly understand the exam structure and scoring weightage.
✪ Mastering various ways SPM questions can be tested and understanding the requirements to answering these questions.
✪ Strategies to approach your exams and complete in time.
✪ Special techniques developed from years of experience that will ensure you answer the right way based on exam schemes and get maximum scores.
✪ Special tips to avoid common mistakes.

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