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JSStudy Solutions is a registered education consultancy located in the fine town of Seremban. In line with our theme “We’ll get U there”, our priority is to assist students in seeking and securing the most suitable institution of higher learning in Malaysia, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Canada, US, UK, and Switzerland.

This is a one-stop centre that provides efficient service for education placement. No payment is required. We are homegrown and run by experienced ‘locals’, so we understand your needs. We have excellent track record and are supported by local schools and partner institutions. JS Study Solutions’ impact in Negeri Sembilan is growing steadily and plans are underway to expand to other cities in Malaysia.

We have recently renovated and refurbished a Student Success Centre, mainly catering to those who are facing major exams at the end of the year. The centre is equipped with study rooms, discussion areas, wi-fi connection, air-conditioned indoors and an overall student-friendly environment. This newest addition aims to provide Form 5 and UEC 3 students with a safe and proper place to prepare for one of the most important milestones of their lives. All facilities and counselling services in the centre are free of charge, and at the same time students have the option to enrol in the many existing courses and programmes with reasonable pricing. English classes are available at all levels and functions, from PT3, SPM, UEC, all the way to O Levels, MUET and IELTS. Basic Korean classes are also offered to those interested in the foreign culture. Aside from languages, JS Study Solutions understands the demand for well-rounded leaders of tomorrow, and therefore sets up workshops every so often to sharpen their soft skills. There are workshops to help improve communication, time management, stress management, character development, to name a few. Professional trainers are recruited to share their knowledge and experience.

We at JS Study Solutions are highly motivated with a burning passion to help students from all walks of life realize their goals and achieve their dreams, even if it takes one small step at a time. Students looking to better themselves are always welcomed here.

Area of Expertise:

• Student Consultation & University/College Application

• Career Consultation

• Course Counselling & Search

• Accommodation, Visa & Travel Arrangements

• School Visits, Talks and Events

• IELTS & English Language Training

• Korean Language Training

• Softskills Training Programme

• Character Living Courses

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