4 years ago, Nicolle Yong came to us together with her mum, seeking the opportunity to study in Ireland. She was from SMK Bukit Mewah,a top student who did well in her SPM. Her mum was very thorough and asked many detailed questions about Ireland Education due to the unfamiliar with the education and country’s systems and culture.

In 20th Feb 2015, She was in Ireland to study foundation in science and then pursued the Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Nursing. This is a programme not many Asians would appreciate but Nicolle saw something in it that she loves and choose to major in the area of animal science.

Today in 2018, we are very proud of her, a young and beautiful girl from the town of Seremban, one of our earliest student who has trusted us, our company and trusted Ireland Education.

Nicolle Yong has recently won the IVN Student Veterinary Nurse Award for year 2018• She has achieved a success that any students would dream to owned but it was won by Malaysia, won by N Sembilan, won by Seremban, won by SMK Bkt Mewah and won by our talented and brilliant girl Nicolle…

Thank you once again for your faith and trust in us.

It is these kind of achievements by our students added meaning and purpose of why JS Study Solutions was first existed….

Well done and may your light continue to shine!!!!

4年前,Nicolle Yong和她的妈妈一起来到JS Study Solutions升学辅导中心来寻求在爱尔兰读书的机会。她毕业于SMK Bukit Mewah,是一位在SPM考试中表现出色的顶尖学生。由于不熟悉教育和国家的体制和文化,她的妈妈非常细心并询问了许多关于爱尔兰教育的详细资料。



Nicolle Yong最近在2018年获得了IVN学生兽医护士奖。她取得了这份成就,也就是任何学生都梦想拥有自己的成就。她不但为马来西亚争光,也为了森美兰芙蓉,SMK Bkt Mewah学校扬名海外。这位才华横溢的女孩,我们为你感到骄傲和荣幸!


我们带领学生取得了成就,也间接增值了JS Study Solutions在芙蓉镇存在的意义和目的….



Our talented student in the award winning night. (JS Study Solutions)

(JS Study Solutions)

Nicolle ready to depart to Ireland in early 2015. (JS Study Solutions)

Nicolle came back for summer , and we asked her to come to present her experiences to students. (JS Study Solutions)

Met with our students in DKIT, Ireland. (JS Study Solutions)

They trusted us!! and they are all doing well, each has a great story to share. (JS Study Solutions)

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