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We are honoured to have our guest speaker for this series, Professor Marc Lim, an award-winning multipotentialite who wears many cool hats, namely as the Head of School of Business at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak, the Editor in Chief of International Journal of Quality and Innovation, the Principal of National Building School, and a Global Shaper at the Global Shapers Community Kuala Lumpur Hub.
He has taught AACSB-accredited business courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Wonder what an AACSB-accredited business course mean? Come join him in this session!
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🗓️ 7/5/2020 (Thursday)
⏲️ 9pm
👤 Professor Marc Lim
(Head of School of Business)
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【转折点,系列三】- 商业 101
我们很荣幸能邀请演讲嘉宾Marc Lim教授,他是一位屡获殊荣的多潜能专家,具有影响力的杰出人才,即担任 砂拉越斯威本大学 Swinburne University 商学系主管,International Journal of Quality and Innovation 的主编辑 ,National Building School 院长,以及 Global Shapers Community Kuala Lumpur Hub的Global Shapers。
他在大学课程和研究生级别教授AACSB认可的商业课程。 想知道 *获得AACSB认证* 的商业课程是什么意思? 快来加入我们的线上见面会!
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🗓️ 7/5/2020 (星期四)
⏲️ 晚上9点
👤 Professor Marc Lim

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