【Discovery Series 7】Should I do a Master’s degree?

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Should I do a Master’s degree?

Whether you are in your final semester of your undergraduate studies, or you have already started working, the idea of pursuing a Master’s degree is something worth considering. Before you make the decision, there are few points that you need to ponder.

  1. Be honest with yourself

It is important to find out your true purpose of pursuing a Master’s degree. There are two major categories of individuals that we will be talking about for now.

The first category: Are you trying to escape from the job- hunting process after you have graduated from your degree?

Many students/ fresh graduates have the mentality that a Master’s degree is their spare tire. For instance, they have the idea that if they cannot find a job, or a job that they want, they will choose to continue their studies just to escape from the period.  Afterall, studying for a Master’s degree definitely sounds “GRAND” than being temporarily unemployed.

The second category: I hate my present job and I feel stuck, so I will just do a Master’s degree to escape from this situation.

This situation is very common among those who have started working for a period of time. They may be facing some difficult situations at work, and they are tempted to quit and continue their studies just to stay away from it, and assume that studying is way more relaxing than working. It is essential to know that studying for a postgraduate degree is a whole new ball game which requires a different course of commitment. It is as serious as a fulltime job, and the two main differences are you will spend most of your time ALONE, doing loads of independent study/ research and there is a possibility of not having a stable salary as compared to your previous job. If you are sure that you are not doing a Master’s degree just to escape from job hunting and your current workplace, then you can start googling about the Master’s programme that you are interested in and we will continue to guide you from there.

  1. Do your fair share of research

After you are sure that you want to do a Master’s degree, you should then decide what kind of Master’s degree that you want to pursue. The first thing to consider is whether you want to pursue a FULL TIME or PART TIME Master’s degree. This will decide the duration of completion for your Master’s degree and also gives you an idea on how you should save and finance for your tuition fees and other expenses.

Next, you should know the differences and types of the three most common Master’s degree that are offered right now.

The first type of Master’s degree is a coursework- based degree. The duration for this type of degree is generally shorter, most of them less than 2 years. You will need to attend classes (probably twice/ thrice per week) and you will be evaluated mostly through assignments, presentations and quizzes. You will still need to produce a minor dissertation, but it will most probably be done during your final semester and the length will be shorter as compared to a research degree’s dissertation. The flexibility of a coursework enables some working adults to continue working while pursuing a Master’s degree.

The  second type of Master’s degree is a fully research Master’s degree. This is the most common Master’s degree. It heavily focused on a longer, deeper dissertation writing and students will be 100% graded solely on their research paper. Students normally take at least 2 years to complete their Master’s depending on the pace of their writing and the validity of their research results.

The third type of Master’s degree is a mixed- mode Master’s degree. This programme is a blend of both coursework and research Master’s degree. You will be evaluated equally in terms of your classroom assignment submission and also your dissertation (probably a 50: 50 ratio).

After deciding on what type of Master’s degree to pursue, you can look into the universities that are offering the programmes that are offering the course that you want to pursue. It is important to take some time to compare the course structures in terms of subjects and specializations because many universities often offer similar programmes. Moving on, you can start narrowing your options by choosing deciding you want to pursue a local/ overseas Master’s degree. Both options are great actually, it is just a factor that you need to consider for the sake of financial planning such as accommodation and transportation expenses.

  1. Think about the outcome that you want to achieve through your Master’s degree

We have come to the realistic side of the final part before deciding to pursue a Master’s degree. Afterall, you will experience a second graduation once more, and you will need to enter the workforce again or choose a different career pathway upon graduation.

Some questions you need to ask yourself is whether the Master’s degree that you choose will be able to help you in your future career? For instance, if you want to pursue a Master in Business Administration (MBA), are you looking into possibilities of a promotion or career advancement in your current field?

Another question is whether you will be able to enjoy what you have learnt and apply it upon graduation? You might choose to pursue a Master’s degree that is unrelated to your present job or previous major during your degree because you are just passionate about the subject. However, it is important to consider how you want to develop that passion for your future ventures or how you can use it directly alongside the skills and knowledge that you have from your previous degree.

If you have truly decided to pursue a Master’s degree after considering the few points mentioned above, we welcome you to meet us at JS Study Solutions so that we can assist you for your next step. We offer a variety of choices in terms of postgraduate options, be it local or overseas. Our counselling services are totally FREE! Visit our social media pages and official website to be in touch with us, or just drop by our JS Study Solutions Seremban office to talk to us directly!

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