I approached JS Study Solutions because I needed assistance with my higher education pathway. I did not have a clue on my direction in studies that time. JS Study Solutions provided a pathway to study in Ireland which was unique and interesting. Furthermore, they provided me with good advice on my suitable course of study. They provided information on various universities in Ireland which was helpful indeed. One thing I liked was the friendly and pleasant approach while providing useful guidelines and suggestions for me. Although we were met with some problems on the way, it was still an enjoyable and good experience with JS Study Solutions.

Until now, I have no regrets in my choice for studying in Ireland. Ireland is a rather relaxing country to pursue further education indeed. You will have free time to do whatever you like apart from attending course lectures and completing assignments. I would recommend JS Study Solutions for students needing some help in further education and studying overseas.

Lee Ja Wei

BA (Hons) Journalism, Griffith College Dublin

This course is designed to develop student’s ability to apply engineering principles and technologies to the solution of problems arising in the investigation, planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of civil engineering works. Therefore, it’s a very hands-on course which is very good for an engineering course.

My life in Ireland has been awesome. I’m staying at a college accommodation provided by DkIT which is just a stone throw away. I have met and made many Irish friends mainly from my course and also from club activities. We really have a good crack as the Irish would say it, which means good fun. I joined many clubs. These societies are very good as I get to learn new stuff, meet new people and make friends and last but not least a great escape from the stressful life of college. I am also lucky as I get to meet not only Irish people but the whole world here at DkIT such as my Brazilian friends who join us on some subjects in our course. Therefore, studying here at DkIT is a real blessing as it is an international place.

Duroonan Elangovan

BEng (Hon) Civil Engineering, Dundalk Institute of Technology

My dilemma of choosing what and where to study has been solved when I spoke to Jeffrey of JS Study Solutions. So happy and satisfied with MCKL with their dedicated lecturers, and etc. Thank You JS Study Solutions!

Serene Foo Zhi San

Dip. in Early Childhood Education, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

Thinking of studying overseas but have no idea where to go? Ireland will be a good choice for further study, as the tuition fees and living expenses are not too expensive compared to other countries and it is peaceful and safe here. People here are really friendly. Imagine, when you are walking on the street, everyone passes by will put a smile on their faces and say ‘hi’ to you. How lovely could it be? Add ‘Ireland’ into your consideration list, I have no doubt that you will love this country. So, come to Ireland to enhance your knowledge, gain new life experiences, and of course, ENJOY!

Tan Chen Ling

BA (Hon) Business Psychology, Athlone Institute of Technology

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